Toasted Vegetable Sandwich

My crunchy take on the regular vegetable sandwich. Good part is that you can customize it with any fillings you want. Perfect for a quick and filling breakfast. Disclaimer: You do need a bread toaster for this.


  • Your choice of bread slices
  • Sliced onion/ tomato/ capsicum/ mushrooms/ any other ingredients you prefer
  • Cheese slice (optional)
  • Ketchup/ any other spread of your choice
  • Salt/ pepper to taste


  • Microwave/ sauté the vegetables for 1-2 mins if you don’t like them raw
  • Toast the bread to your liking of crunch in a toaster
  • Layer 1 side of each slice with the spread of your choice – you should try different sauce on the 2 slices that go in a single sandwich
  • Add the vegetable slices in between along with the cheese slice
  • Sprinkle with salt/ pepper to taste

Your quick breakfast is ready!

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