Quick and simple cooking under lock-down

The ongoing COVID-19 spread has left most of us locked inside our homes, working (or at least pretending to be. I know I am). But what came along with it was this constant craving for munching. I often find myself scratching my head (and belly too) to figure out what could possibly satisfy my next craving. That one last fix for the day that would ensure the body has enough calories to take me through these tiring times. I assume it’s something that a lot of us would be experiencing as well (or so I hope else there seems to be definitely something wrong with me).

Now, since most of us are alien to the concept of coking (boiling Maggi doesn’t count) and don’t have our cooks coming over, we want our cooking to be quick and non-messy. Also, it should probably not include loads of mixing and boiling and baking to minimize the effort in washing utensils afterwards. And of course it has to be indulging, made with easily available ingredients and has to be Healthy! Or at the very least seemingly healthy 😊

To satisfy my mid-night cravings in the past, I tried to create my own version of meals & snacks that are easy to make and decent in taste. I do hope some of these would help you get through this lockdown without being at the mercy of food aggregators! 

While I am putting up a few dishes (if you want to call them that!) for now, will try and add more as the days pass by. The emphasis has been to keep these recipes as flexible as possible for you to be able to customize them to your own choice and preferences. Do subscribe for recipes that get added in future.

And please try out and let me know your views and feedback.

Yours sincerely,


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