Mishti Doi aka Sweetened Curd

Craving your favorite dessert while the online grocers are out of stock for anything remotely sweet? Worry not, you can make your own dessert in a quick and simple way and satiate your gravoiing without stepping out of home. To top it up, it only uses 3 ingredients – milk, curd and sugar! So here it is…

Ingredients (serves 3-4):

  • Milk – 500 ml (full cream)\
  • Curd – 100 gm
  • Sugar – 8 teaspoons


  • Put the curd in a tea strainer and let it hang
  • Take 50 ml water and sugar in a pan and put them to boil
  • Keep stirring continuously and let it boil
  • The idea is to caramelize sugar, so once the water evaporates, the sugar starts changing color to brown
  • Once brown, add milk and stir well (the entire process from light brown to dark brown happen pretty fast so you would ideally want to add milk the moment it starts to change color)
  • Keep boiling the milk and make sure there are minimal sugar lumps left in it (if any)
  • Boil it for 10 minutes and turn the gas off. Let it cool on itself
  • In the meantime, take hung curd in a bowl and whisk it to make its texture smooth
  • Once the milk is lukewarm, add it to the curd, mix well  and let it sit for 7-8 hours for the curd to set
  • Once set, put in the refrigerator and serve chilled

If you have done this in the morning, then you should be ready to have your dessert in dinner to put your mind to rest. Do try it out guys and let me know your feedback. Hope you like it.

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