Ande Ka Funda

“I can’t Eggs-actly say if the chicken was created before the egg, all I know is there has to be an Eggs-planation – Jane Doe

French Toast

Pic credits: My wife!

This is one of the classics that took me a long time to master. To the extent that I had to borrow the recipe from my wife (hope she is not reading this)! If you get it right, it’s makes for a really simple and tasty breakfast.

Boiled Egg & Vegetable Salad

Pic credits: WordPress free library. Original coming up soon!

A lot of us crave to have something made out of one of the most versatile cooking ingredient ever – our beloved Egg. I have found myself googling innumerable times to find a way to have my egg in some way other than the usual omelette or Bhurji. What I came up with was an easy to make healthy snack that can substitute a meal as well!

Spanish Omelet

Pic credits: My wife!

Bored of the usual Indian style omelets? Well, was so did I until I came across this equally easy and simple to make, Spanish omelet recipe. A product of me venturing online and looking for new recipes to try, I personally loved the output in the very first try along with the taste. Not to mention it is an added variety in which you can have your regular eggs.

Egg & Lettuce Open Toast

Pic credits: WordPress free library. Original coming up soon!

Most of us feel super inspired in the mornings to start our day off with a healthy breakfast that can keep us going until the lunch hour. Here’s something that can be made under 10 mins, lets you experiment with ingredients, filling and healthy too!