Nalin is a foodie with passion for cooking. Trying to balance his passion with his day job by working in the food service industry.

Many millennials often find themselves pondering over how to satisfy their mid-night cravings. While food aggregators in recent times have been a go-to option, they always tend to raise questions about health and quality. In the current scenarios with most of the restaurants closed and social distancing protocols, there is only limited options that one can find.

This is where LazieFoodie comes in.

Spending majority of his life away from home has led him to, on and off, experiment with food. Though being as lazy as he is and with a sparsely stocked kitchen, he has always tried to create recipes with minimal ingredients but a strong punch of flavors, which he plans to bring to his reader’s kitchens.

Do write if you have any comments/ feedback for or have something interesting that you would want to share with fellow comrades!

Email him at laziefoodie@gmail.com